Lemonymix (Signed)
Lemonymix (Signed)

Lemonymix (Signed)

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The companion CD to Lemonymous, Lemonymix features rarities, alternate takes and acoustic renditions of most of the songs from Lemonymous, with a couple special surprises thrown in! It comes in a full color jacket. 

Comes signed by Ender Bowen, with the shrink-wrap removed.


  1. Hide And Seek (Alternate Lemonymix)
  2. Manipulation Under Stress (Alernate Lemonymix)
  3. March of Thieves (Original Intent Lemonymix)
  4. Like A Dream (Acoustic Lemonymix)
  5. My Girl, My Love, Let's Kiss (Acoustic Lemonymix)
  6. Goodbye (Manipulation Embryonic Lemonymix)
  7. So Can't I (Alternate Lemonymix)
  8. Autumn (Alternate Lemonymix)
  9. Fate (Alternate Lemonymix)
  10. Alive (Acoustic Lemonymix)
  11. Reverse Psychology  (Alternate Lemonymix)
  12. Another Moment

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